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Many apples a day keep the blues away – Daily experiences of negative and positive affect and food consumption in young adults

Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 25 January 2013


Bonnie A. White
Caroline C. Horwath
Tamlin S. Conner

Year of Publication



British Journal of Health Psychology, 18(4), 782–798

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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The objective of this study was to investigate the bidirectional relationships between daily negative and positive affective experiences and food consumption in a naturalistic setting among healthy young adults. A total of 281 young adults (with a mean age of 20 years) completed an internet-based daily food diary for 21 consecutive days. Prior to this, participants completed a questionnaire giving details of their age, gender, ethnicity, weight and height. The results showed a strong day -to-day relationship between more positive mood and higher fruit and vegetable consumption.

Type of Study

Survey, Analysis

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