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Green Prescription & Mental Health


posted by Hayley Moselen on 20 October 2009

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This report is for a project carried out in Northland regarding GRx and Mental Health during 2008. The project was undertaken as part of the requirements for Students studying towards a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation through AUT.
The aim of the project was to "develop strategies that will enable the GRx programme in Northland to provide appropriate relevant support to GRx patients that have a mental health issue".
During the past two years the percentage of patients with a mental health issue, referred to the GRx programme in Northland has significantly increased. This increase has required the GRx programme to seek out better, more effective ways to deliver it’s programme to this target group. The GRx programme in its earlier form, while still able to provide a certain level of support to patients that have a mental health issue, was not as effective for this group as it could have been.
For the GRx programme to more effective and valuable to this target group, there were three main areas identified that needed to be addressed.
Gaining an understanding of the mental health system and how the GRx Programme can best operate within this system.
Up skilling staff to feel comfortable while delivering patient support effectively and appropriately to patients with a mental health issue.
Having a suitable knowledge of other supports and services available to patients with a mental health issue, including suitable resources to use with this group.

Start Date

Mar 1, 2008

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Dec 1, 2009






Sport Northland

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Hayley Moselen


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