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BollyworX - Get Fit Indian style


posted by SPROUT on 26 April 2010


Much push was given to the community engagement event where we used 136 radio advert spots, community news reports, emails, collect gift emails, facebook (search for BollyworX in facebook) etc but what really worked was our word of mouth and networks. As a result of the successful community engagement event on 14th Nov’09, SPROUT’s BollyworX aerobic exercise classes now run weekly on Saturdays from 11.15 am to 12.15 pm.

We have got an excellent response from the community towards the BollyworX active lifestyle option. We expected 30 to 40 people in our regular weekly classes but the response has been overwhelming to up to 100 on some days and the participants have loved the BollyworX style. Average participation is 70 people who belong to all age groups and also other ethnicities including Asian and Pacific island people.
For many participants the regular classes have been their only opportunity of an organised fitness class done in an ethnic way due to the languages our instructors speak during the session. In addition to that, we have been encouraging them to check their lipid levels and also diabetes. Most of the participants we believe attend BollyworX to get an active lifestyle.

What Worked Well

Music quality and song sellection- like the catchy tunes of "Jai Ho"
Community participation thru word of mouth campaign
Partnership with Sports Waitakere for Netfit training
Marketing through social networking websites

We find that participants wish to continue the practice of BollyworX exercises at home as well. We have had a few participants who video tape some of our sessions for practice at home. Participants would prefer if we give them the BollyworX DVDs to practice at home, for which we need to organise some funding.

Here are some testimonials:

"Saturday's BollyworX is really a great fun. I loved the rhythm of aerobics with bollywood songs. No complaints about those muscles strain and body aches so far as I have enjoyed stretches with my full strength. Looking forward for more classes in week days. Well done SPROUT team." ~ S N (Homemaker in her mid thirties)

"Thank you for organising the Bollyworx in New Lynn. We are having great time as a family and also the much needed workout. Good on you Sprout team, keep up the great work. ~ A U(working mom of 2)

What Didn't Work Well

Though the programme is successful, we need at least 5/6 volunteers for each session including at least 3 instructors, which can get challenging depending on availability. Apart from that we have ongoing issues with a need for a stage for the instructors as this facility is not available in the venue.

Start Date

Nov 14, 2009

End Date

Nov 13, 2010





Target Population

Asian, Youth, Aged




Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust (SPROUT)

Contact Person

Ram Lingam