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Diabetes and Obesity Research Review 121

Research Review

posted by WM Admin on 8 May 2018

Studies in this issue (attached below):

  • Primary care-led weight management for type 2 diabetes
  • Lactation duration and progression to diabetes in women
  • PFASs and bodyweight/metabolic changes in response to weight-loss diets
  • Childhood predictors of adult adiposity
  • Drug utilisation, glycaemic control and severe hypoglycaemia trends
  • Impact of glucose-lowering regimens on associations of glucose control with survival
  • Incretin drugs do not increase pancreatic cancer risk
  • Comparison of glucose-lowering agents after dual therapy failure
  • Ethnic disparities in publicly funded bariatric surgery in NZ
  • Utility of HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose for type 2 diabetes screening

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