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Respiratory Research Review 148

Research Review

posted by WM Admin on 2018-05-24 11:01:01.014

Studies in this issue (attached below):

  • International trends in overweight/obesity over 25 years
  • Nutrition and exercise in obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • Impact of bariatric surgery on OSA after 1 year
  • Nocturnal oximetry-based evaluation of habitually snoring children
  • Christchurch primary care-based sleep assessment service
  • Agreement of electronic and paper ESS scores in OSA
  • Predictors of sleepiness in OSA after CPAP
  • Pressure sensing visual feedback to improve NIV mask fitting
  • Educational video does not improve CPAP use in OSA
  • Nasal vs. oronasal CPAP for OSA

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