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Controlled before-after intervention study of suburb-wide street changes to increase walking and cycling: Te Ara Mua-Future Streets study design

NZ Research Abstract

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Alexandra Macmillan
Hamish Mackie
Jamie E. Hosking
Karen Witten
Melody Smith
Adrian Field
Alistair Woodward
Rau Hoskins
Joanna Stewart
Bert van der Werf
Peter Baas

Year of Publication



BMC Public Health, 18:850

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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The authors describe the design of Te Ara Mua – Future Streets, a study that evaluates the effect of retrofitting street changes at the suburb scale on multiple health, social and environmental outcomes. The study focuses on the factors that improve walking and cycling to local destinations in low-income neighbourhoods and on reducing social and health inequities experienced by Māori and Pacific people.

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*Study protocol

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This is an open access article and can be read in free full text at:


Te Ara Mua – Future Streets