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New online BMI calculator developed by Ministry of Health


posted by WM Admin on 1 August 2018

The Ministry of Health has launched a new online body mass index (BMI) calculator to make it easier for New Zealanders to check if they’re in a healthy weight range.

BMI is a simple and widely-used screening tool for assessing someone’s weight relative to their height.

The tool gives New Zealanders the ability to check their BMI. It can be accessed by anyone and is straightforward to use. People simply need to enter their date of birth, their gender, their height and their weight, as well as when these measurements were taken. The calculator then identifies whether the user is in a healthy weight range.

The tool gives users practical advice based on their results, like healthy eating, activity and sleep tips. However, people should always discuss their weight with a doctor if they have specific concerns.

There are some limitations with using BMI as an indicator of healthy weight, such as when it’s used to categorise the weight of highly muscular people or pregnant women in the second and third trimesters. These limitations are made clear to users.

The BMI calculator is free-to-access.