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Sleep, nutrition, and physical activity interventions to prevent obesity in infancy: Follow-up of the Prevention of Overweight in Infancy (POI) randomized controlled trial at ages 3.5 and 5 y

NZ Research Abstract

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Rachael W. Taylor
Andrew R. Gray
Anne-Louise M. Heath
Barbara C. Galland
Julie A. Lawrence
Rachel M. Sayers
Dione M. Healey
Gerald Tannock
Kim Meredith-Jones
Maha B. Hanna
Burt Hatch
Barry J. Taylor

Year of Publication



The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 108(2), 228–236

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

Publication Status



The findings of the Prevention of Overweight in Infancy study suggested that a brief sleep intervention in infancy reduced the risk of obesity at age 2 years (with no observed benefit from a nutrition and activity intervention). The authors explore how these interventions influenced growth at ages 3.5 and 5 years compared with usual care. They conclude that a "... conventional intervention had unexpected adverse long-term weight outcomes, whereas positive outcomes from a less conventional sleep intervention remained promising at age 5 y". They discuss the implications of these findings for further research.

Type of Study

Randomised controlled trial, Quantitative

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Prevention of Overweight in Infancy (POI)