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Monthly high-dose vitamin D3 supplementation and self-reported adverse events in a 4-year randomized controlled trial

NZ Research Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 2018-08-08 11:06:14.512


Zarintaj Malihi
Carlene M. M. Lawes
Zhenqiang Wu
Ying Huang
Debbie Waayer
Les Toop
Kay-Tee Khaw
Carlos A. Camargo Jr
Robert Scragg

Year of Publication



Clinical Nutrition, 3 August [Epub before print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

Publication Status



The authors investigated the safety of a monthly high-dose of vitamin D3 supplementation taken for up to 4 years, using data from a randomised trial of 5108 adults aged 50-84 years old from Auckland. They conclude from their analysis that "monthly supplementation of 100,000 IU vitamin D3 for a median of 3.3 years did not affect participant-reported adverse events".

Type of Study

Randomised controlled trial, Quantitative

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Vitamin D assessment (ViDA) study