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Low back pain and its association with the key lifestyle and anthropometric factors in adolescent females in Otago, New Zealand

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posted by WM Admin on 2018-08-08 11:17:59.761


Nidhi Mehta

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Master of Health Sciences thesis, University of Otago

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The author investigated the current and period prevalence’s of low back pain (LBP) when categorised according to reporting period (LBP lifetime, LBP recurrent and LBP location confirmed (LC)) in adolescent schoolgirls in Otago, aged 13-18 years. The author also explored the relationship between the three reporting periods of LBP and lifestyle factors (physical activity, smoking habits, food and drink consumption levels) and anthropometric measurements and back extensor endurance (BEE) estimates.

Type of Study

Cross-sectional, *Observational study, Quantitative

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This thesis can be read in free full text at: