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Can The Moblees™ Move Canadian Children? Investigating the impact of a television program on children's physical activity (Canada)


posted by WM Admin on 2018-08-08 11:34:32.243

The Moblees is a Canadian childrens' show that promotes physical activity. The authors describe two studies: one that investigated whether children were more physically active when watching a Moblees episode (21 families randomised to watch an episode vs. a control condition), and another that explored parental perceptions of the show (an online cross-sectional study with 104 parent/child dyads that included viewing an episode).

Study 1 identified a significant association between condition and whether or not children remained sitting. Children randomized to watch the Moblees moved more compared to control. In study 2 the majority (76%) of parents reported that their child engaged in some physical activity during viewing. Parent encouragement during viewing was the strongest predictor of child physical activity while viewing.

The authors conclude that, although the benefits of such modest movement are not clear without further evidence of accumulation over time and/or transfer to other settings, television programming might provide a far reaching medium for knowledge translation.

This is an open access article and can be read in free full text at:

Faulkner G, Bassett-Gunter R, White L, Berry TR and Tremblay MS (2018) Can the Moblees™ move Canadian children? Investigating the impact of a television program on children's physical activityFrontiers in Public Health 6:206.