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SNAP IT Study - Sleep, Screen use, Nutrition and Activity using Photo Images in Teens

Research Project

posted by WM Admin on 8 August 2018


The SNAP IT project is an observational study aimed to measure sleep, screen use, nutrition and physical activity in teenagers through the use of automated cameras.

Many New Zealand teenagers do not get enough sleep. Research has shown that the negative effects of poor sleep are widespread, influencing weight, school performance, emotional and behavioural problems, risky behaviour, physical activity and dietary intake. There is evidence for a strong relationship between a lack of sleep and obesity in children and adolescents, but the mechanisms explaining this relationship are unclear. 

This research aims to assess the relationship between pre-bed time behaviours and their effect on sleep outcomes.

The results of the SNAP IT study will help us understand how pre-bed time screen use, physical activity and food intake may impact sleep in adolescents. Ultimately such findings can be used to develop appropriate interventions to improve sleep in teenagers, which will have a positive impact on both short- and long-term health and development.


In Progress


South Canterbury



Claire Smith
Barbara C. Galland
Rachael W. Taylor
Lisa A. Te Morenga
Rosalina Richards
Jill Haszard
Willemijn E. de Bruin

Research Abstracts

Gender differences in sleep hygiene practices and sleep quality in New Zealand adolescents aged 15 to 17 years