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Park-based physical activity interventions for persons with disabilities: A mixed-methods systematic review

NZ Research Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 15 August 2018


Miles Saitta
Hemakumar Devan
Pauline Boland
Meredith A. Perry

Year of Publication



Disability and Health Journal, 30 July [Epub before print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In this mixed-methods systematic synthesis, the authors review the evidence for park-based physical activity interventions for persons with disabilities. Six quantitative and four qualitative papers (446 participants, aged from seven to ninety-one years), were included for qualitative synthesis. The authors identified "... limited, low level, preliminary evidence for short-term improvements in physical, psychological, and social health outcomes in children and older adults with disabilities as well as improvements in disability-related impairments. When accessible, parks fostered societal inclusion".

Type of Study

Systematic review

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