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Demographic and social-cognitive factors associated with weight loss in overweight, pre-diabetic participants of the PREVIEW Study

NZ Research Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 23 August 2018


Sylvia Hansen
Maija Huttunen‐Lenz
Diewertje Sluik
Jennie Brand-Miller
Mathijs Drummen
Mikael Fogelholm
Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska
Ian Macdonald
J. Alfredo Martinez
Thomas M. Larsen
Sally D. Poppitt
Anne Raben
Wolfgang Schlicht

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International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 20 August [Epub before print]

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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This international study identified demographic and social-cognitive factors associated with weight loss in overweight and obese participants from the PREVIEW study who had pre-diabetes. They conclude that a supportive environment with specific behaviour change techniques to emphasise the benefits of outcomes may support weight loss efforts. They discuss the implications of these findings.

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This is an open access article and can be read in free full text at:


PREVIEW: NZ (PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention in NEW Zealand and around the world)