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Healthy Conversation Skills training (Albany) on 25 October 2018


posted by WM Admin on 23 August 2018

Healthy Conversation Skills Training provides health professionals with invaluable skills to support clients to make behaviour changes for a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthy Conversation Skills gives health professionals the tools to support and empower women and their families to make a plan for change that fits in with their lives.

Participants will learn:

  • How to create opportunities to discuss health behaviours  
  • Different ways to approach nutrition and physical activity conversations
  • To use open discovery questions to better understand a client or family’s situation
  • Techniques to listen, reflect and encourage clients to set their own goals.

The sessions are run as a group and seek to:      

  • Explore your current practice
  • Promote reflection
  • Engage in group problem-solving
  • Encourage you to think about what you’ll do differently
  • Revisit  plans in subsequent sessions to facilitate real and lasting learning
  • Be challenging and discover new ways of working.

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