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Human milk composition and dietary intakes of breastfeeding women of different ethnicity from the Manawatu-Wanganui region of New Zealand

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 13 September 2018


Christine A. Butts
Duncan Hedderley
Thanuja D. Herath
Gunaranjan Paturi
Sarah Glyn-Jones
Frank Wiens
Bernd Stahl
Pramod Gopal

Year of Publication



Nutrients, 10(9), 1231

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

Publication Status



Mothers of Asian, Māori, Pacific Island, or of European ethnicity living in Manawatu-Wanganui provided breast milk samples over a one-week period (6–8 weeks postpartum), completed a three-day food diary and provided information regarding their pregnancy and lactation experiences. Some differences were found in the nutrient composition of breast milk between ethnic groups, and dietary intakes were also found to differ. No strong correlations between dietary nutrients and breast milk components were found.

Type of Study

*Observational study

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