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Māori Health Review 75

Research Review

posted by Research Admin on 26 September 2018

In this issue (attached below):

·         Caregiver experiences of racism impacts on child healthcare utilisation

·         Vision 20:20 and indigenous health workforce development

·         Ethnic inequities in IHD care in NZ

·         Lung cancer data from NZ’s Midland Cancer Network region

·         Limited reporting on equity of bariatric surgery for Māori

·         Attrition from publicly funded bariatric surgery in NZ

·         Ethnic disparities in antibacterial dispensing in NZ

·         Te Ara Mua-Future Streets study design

·         Food banks can provide diabetes appropriate food

·         Food pricing policies can reduce cardiometabolic mortality

·         Ethnicity affects the presentation of dementia to clinical services

·         Taitamariki give positive feedback on SPARX

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