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Compared with cow milk, a growing-up milk increases vitamin D and iron status in healthy children at 2 years of age: The growing-up milk–lite (GUMLi) randomized controlled trial

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 8 October 2018


Amy L. Lovell
Peter S.W. Davies
Rebecca J. Hill
Tania Milne
Misa Matsuyama
Yannan Jiang
Rachel X Chen
Trecia A. Wouldes
Anne-Louise M. Heath
Cameron C. Grant
Clare R. Wall

Year of Publication



The Journal of Nutrition, (148), 10, 1570–1579,

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

Publication Status



Iron deficiency and vitamin D deficiency are significant pediatric health issues in New Zealand and Australia, and the authors investigated the effect of a micronutrient-fortified, reduced-energy growing-up milk (GUMLi) compared with cow milk (CM) on these deificiencies in children at 2 years of age. The found "in comparison with CM, GUMLi significantly improved dietary iron and vitamin D intakes and the iron and vitamin D status of healthy children at 2 y of age."

Type of Study

Randomised controlled trial

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