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Who are the key players involved with shaping public opinion and policies on obesity and diabetes in New Zealand?

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 31 October 2018


Willemijn E. de Bruin
Cherie Stayner
Michel de Lange
Rachael W. Taylor

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Nutrients, 10(11), 1592

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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The authors undertook a social network analysis to identify influential actors involved with shaping public opinion and/or policy regarding obesity and diabetes in New Zealand. They found 272 individuals deemed to be influential by their peers who represented nine professional categories, particularly academics, health service providers, and government representatives. The network included a total of 17 identified decision-makers. The authors also identify six distinct brokers in academic, government and nongovernmental positions. The authors conclude that there is "a need for improved communication and networking activities among all interest groups. The six identified brokers could play a key role in this, as they are in the position to facilitate discussion, improve information flow, and foster collaboration."

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