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Summative evaluation report: Healthy Families NZ

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 4 December 2018


Anna G. Matheson
Mat Walton
Rebecca Gray
Kirstin Lindberg
Mathangi Shanthakumar
Nan Wehipeihana
Kathleen Fisher
Kellie Spee
Roxanne Smith
Nikki Chilcott

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Wellington: Ministry of Health

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Healthy Families NZ is a large-scale initiative that brings community leadership together in an effort for better health. This report updates the findings of the national evaluation of Healthy Families NZ following the first three years of implementation of the initiative (late 2014 until end of 2017). The report concludes with sixteen recommendations aimed to strengthen the impact the Healthy Families NZ initiative can have on the prevention of chronic disease.

Type of Study

Quantitative, Qualitative

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