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Infant feeding in New Zealand: Adherence to food and nutrition guidelines among the Growing Up in New Zealand cohort

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 4 December 2018


Teresa G. de Castro
Sarah Gerritsen
Clare R. Wall
Cameron C. Grant
Juliana Teixeira
Dirce M. Marchioni
Avinesh Pillai
Susan M. Morton

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Wellington: Ministry of Social Development

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Using data from the Growing Up in New Zealand study, the authors examined the proportion of infants being fed according to the national food and nutrition guidelines for infant children. Thirteen indicators were used across four domains: breastfeeding duration; introduction of solid foods; variety of foods; and intake of inappropriate foods and drinks. The research found high adherence (80% adherence or more) to five of the 13 indicators, including no sugar added to baby’s meals or milk at 9 months of age. Moderate adherence was found for three indicators, including solid foods being introduced around 6 months of age, and low adherence to five indicators including eating fruit twice or more daily at 9 months.

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