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Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 6 December 2018


Jessica A. Grieger
Tina Bianco-Miotto
Luke E Grzeskowiak
Shalem Y. Leemaqz
Lucilla Poston
Lesley M. E. McCowan
Louise C. Kenny
Jenny Myers
James J. Walker
Gustaaf A. Dekker
Claire T. Roberts

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PLoS Med 15(12): e1002710

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In this study, the authors sought to examine the impact of maternal metabolic syndrome (MetS) on pregnancy outcomes. They assessed the links between MetS, measured at 15 ± 1 weeks’ gestation, and a range of pregnancy complications in low-risk, nulliparous women recruited to the multi-centre, international prospective Screening for Pregnancy Endpoints (SCOPE) study. The authors found that more than half of the women who had MetS in early pregnancy developed a pregnancy complication compared with just over a third of women who did not have MetS, and that "while increasing BMI increases the probability of gestational diabetes GDM [gestational diabetes mellitus], the addition of MetS exacerbates this probability".

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