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Availability and price of healthier food choices and association with obesity prevalence in New Zealand Māori

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 6 December 2018


Rati Jani
Elaine C. Rush
Nic Crook
David Simmons

Year of Publication



Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 27(6):1357-1365

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In this study, the authors investigated the availability and price of healthier foods-vs-regular counterparts and their links with obesity. A cross-sectional survey of weight and height among Māori in urban and rural areas was undertaken, and the availability of 'healthier' foods in fast-food-outlets and supermarkets was examined. The findings of the study led to support for "the argument to regulate the availability and price of sugar-sweetened-beverages in NZ" and the "positive association of the availability of trim milk with the prevalence of obesity warrants investigation into individual's dietary and food-purchase behaviour."

Type of Study

Quantitative, Cross-sectional, Survey

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