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Girls Active stepping up for change: Summary interim research report (England)


posted by Research Admin on 13 December 2018

This Youth Sport Trust report summarises responses to a survey that girls and boys aged 7 to 11-years-old completed in 2017-18. One of the aims of the research was to identify the barriers that prevent pupils from being more active.

The report notes that previous research has shown that girls are not doing as much physical activity as boys, and that a "confidence crisis" is affecting girls’ activity levels from as young as 7 years of age.

The following recommendations are suggested for schools as a way to engage girls in PE and physical activity.  The recommendations are based on the principles of the Girls Active programme.
• Make PE and physical activity relevant to girls’ lives.
• Empower girls through involving them in design and delivery of PE and physical activities.
• Develop role models by using girls as positive influencers and advocates with their peer group.
• Place developing self-confidence at the heart of PE and physical activity.
• Recognise the power of friends to drive progress.
• Take a long-term approach to engaging girls.

The report is available in free full text at: