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My New Gut


posted by Research Admin on 20 December 2018

After 5 years, the MyNewGut project has officially come to an end at the end of November 2018. Over this time and as presented at the final conference in November, the consortium partners provided clear evidence that:

  • Bacterial strains in our gut could be the next generation of probiotics
  • Consuming an excess of proteins generates some toxic metabolites
  • Diets rich in fibres are associated with fewer symptoms of depression, help to maintain body weight and reduce the risk of developing chronic metabolic diseases
  • A high fat diet may have a negative impact on the gut microbiota and the brain
  • The gut microbiota influences metabolic health

Go to the MyNewGut website: to access: conference videos, leaflets and other resourses, as well as published research completed during the five year project.