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New ANA Executive Director: Sarah Roberts

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 14 January 2019

Sarah Roberts’ role as executive director is to provide strategic direction for ANA, lead the ANA team and to be the key liaison for our stakeholders. Sarah’s main drive is her authentic belief that everybody deserves the right tools and opportunities to make healthy choices.

She is incredibly passionate about community well-being and is looking forward to supporting ANA to provide the very best service to our stakeholders and set a vibrant direction for ANA.

Sarah has extensive experience in community engagement, partnership development and the design and implementation of community-based programmes and events. Her experience spans over 15 years where she has worked for local government, non-for-profits, the fitness industry, and the health sector. Sarah holds a degree in Sport and Leisure Studies, Public Relations and postgraduate qualifications in management. Coupled with further qualifications in Nutrition, Media Production, Permaculture Design and Sport and Exercise Science. Sarah enjoys outdoor activities and is an avid advocate for sustainability. She believes that for people to thrive in the long term we need to consider what impact we are having on our environment. ‘Striving to get back to nature, back to basics, back to our roots, is often a key step towards a nutritious and active lifestyle.’

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Posted January 4, 2019