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Going Low-Fat? Here’s What Your Diet Might Be Missing

Nutrition Tip

posted by Research Admin 1 on 12 February 2019

Allison Webster, International Food Information Council Foundation, February, 2019

"It’s no secret that low-carbohydrate diets have enjoyed the spotlight for the last several years, but another nutrient-specific diet has been on the scene for even longer: low-fat. For decades, “eating fat makes you fat” was widely viewed as a dieting mantra, tied largely to the fact that fat provides more calories per gram (nine) compared to the other macronutrients, protein and carbohydrates (which each provide four calories per gram). Though the tides have shifted in recent years and fat isn’t feared like it once was, low-fat diets are still heavily associated with weight loss and dieting culture.

"We’ve written about dietary fats on several occasions (and made this helpful video), but in this article, we’re taking a different approach: laying out exactly what your diet may be missing if you drastically cut back on fat.

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