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Examining longitudinal associations between the recreational physical activity environment, change in body mass index, and obesity by age in 8864 Yorkshire Health Study participants

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin 1 on 13 February 2019


M. Hobbs
C. Griffiths
M. A. Green
A. Christensen
J. McKenna

Year of Publication



Social Science & Medicine [Epub ahead of print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

Publication Status

In Progress


This longitudinal study examines whether opportunities to be physically active (e.g. the availability of parks) play a role in changing BMI and obesity status. "Based on the premise that an individual's mobility varies with age, and although effects were small, this offers tentative evidence which suggests it may be useful for policymakers in Public Health and Planning to consider the impact of environmental interventions across the life course."

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