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Call for Papers: Publish with CDN

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 13 February 2019



The 2017 launch of Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN) added an open access journal to the American Society for Nutrition’s prestigious family of journals. CDN is a contemporary, peer-reviewed journal designed to serve authors and readers within the global nutrition community. The journal strives to briskly review, publish, and globally disseminate high-quality research in nutritional sciences.

CDNis positioned to adapt to the evolving needs of nutrition researchers and provides a unique place to publish your work. To respond to the growing body of research in nutrition, the journal is also accepting new article types and expanding its editorial scope to include:

  • Research Methodology and Study Design
  • Implementation Science
  • Food and Nutrition Policy
  • Food/Feed Composition and Nutritional Toxicology
  • Brief Communications

To learn more, go to: