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Multimorbidity and multiple social disadvantage in a New Zealand high-needs free primary healthcare clinic population: a cross-sectional study

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 25 February 2019


Sharmaine Sreedhar
Lauralie Richard
Tim Stokes

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The New Zealand Medical Journal, 22nd February 2019, Volume 132 Number 1490

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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Multimorbidity increases with age and disproportionately affects Māori and Pacific people. Access to primary healthcare comes at a cost, unless 'third sector' (low-cost or free) clinics are available. However, the authors conclude that these high-needs patients are not receiving the healthcare they require under the traditional model. This cross-sectional study explores the prevalence of multimorbidity in all patients registered with a Dunedin free ‘third sector’ primary healthcare clinic.

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