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CIRCLES: unlocking the potential of microbiomes for sustainable food production


posted by Research Admin 1 on 4 March 2019

What is CIRCLES?

CIRCLES will provide the scientific knowledge to exploit natural microbiomes for the sustainable production of high-quality food, with the ultimate objective to deliver new and healthier food applications. CIRCLES will explore microbiome interactions and circulations across 7 food chains: spinach, tomatoes, poultry, swine, farmed and wild salmon, and farmed and wild seabream.

During the project, both European citizens and workers in these food chains will be informed and engaged, as to better understand the interlink between microbiomes, healthy and sustainable food and working environment.

In total, thirty organisations, coming from fourteen European countries, will bridge the existing knowledge gap and find solutions for future food challenges. Furthermore, CIRCLES spans from lab research to the development of new market-ready food products. The project is expected to last until 2023.