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Message from Dr Ron Ehrlich - Incoming ACNEM President

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 7 March 2019



ACNEM - 27 February, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to introduce myself and say how privileged I am to be assuming the role of President of ACNEM. I would like to thank Dr Christabelle Yeoh who has served in this role for the last two and a half years and led our College through some challenging times, and into our new Strategic Plan.

ACNEM’s vision is a simple yet profound one… ‘better health outcomes for all’… and by ‘all’, I include the health of both patients and practitioners.

When faced with a health crisis, I’m sure we all agree, many of us may have personally benefitted from the incredible knowledge, skill and expertise within our health system. It’s a system that literally saves thousands of lives each day.

The problem is that our healthcare system has also become a chronic disease management system. The World Health Organisation has clearly said that the vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases, affecting young and old alike, are the result of nutritional, environmental and lifestyle issues. It is these very issues which not only have the ability to heal, but also improve an individual’s physical, mental and emotional resilience.

So here is my question to you as a practicing health practitioner: Is dealing with the symptoms, and just managing people’s chronic disease the primary goal of your practice? Can we overcome these preventable chronic diseases, and actually achieve health and wellness?

Over the last 35 years, ACNEM has trained thousands of health practitioners in an evidence-based approach to the nutritional and environmental factors that are driving preventable chronic degenerative diseases in our modern world.

We are constantly reminded that if current disease trends continue, the financial costs are unsustainable; the human cost in lost potential dwarfs any of those financial considerations.

There has never been a more important time to address those causes of preventable chronic degenerative diseases.

ACNEM is undergoing a significant shift in our strategic direction: providing our members with greater access to a wider range of online and face-to-face educational programs; expanding online and local support for practitioners; expanding our advocacy for nutritional and environmental medicine to governments, regulatory bodies and the public; collaborating with like-minded organisations in the broader health sectors… and much more.

One example is the Medical Board of Australia is now consulting on options to more clearly regulate medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments (click here to find out more). ACNEM is currently in collaboration with many other organisations and are committed to making a strong submission. Submissions are due by 12 April 2019 and can be made by organisation, individual practitioners and the public.

Apart from ACNEM’s ongoing educational offerings, we're presenting our Annual Conference in Melbourne from May 24-26, Evolving Landscapes of Nutrition in Medicine. It’s a great opportunity to update your knowledge, connect with like-minded practitioners and engage with the College, our vison for the future and contribute to the conversation.

I invite you to join and support ACNEM, and share our vision of ‘better health outcomes for all’.

Warmest regards

Dr Ron Ehrlich