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Public consultation on clearer regulation of medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 7 March 2019

Public consultation paper, Medical Board of Australia, February 2019

This public consultation paper seeks feedback on options for clearer regulation of medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments.
The National Law empowers the National Boards to develop and approve codes and guidelines to provide guidance to registered health practitioners. The National Law requires National Boards to ensure there is wide-ranging consultation on the content of any proposed registration standard, code or guideline.
The Medical Board of Australia (the Board) is inviting feedback on the issues and options outlined in the discussion paper. There are also specific questions which you may wish to address in your response.

To find out more about making a submission, click here


Important - ACNEM Response to MBA's Public Consultation Paper on Integrative Medicine

As the notice was not apparently widely circulated and only published in the Medical Board newsletter, about 6 weeks away from the submission date (12 April 2019), we felt that it would be beneficial to inform our community about it. The majority of our members are doctors therefore this could affect many of us.
The Medical Board is charged with ensuring the best outcomes for public health, and Board guidelines already exist for good medical practice which we all follow. This issue of ‘clearer regulation’ has however, caused concern among many integrative health practitioners and organisations/stakeholders due to the loose and poor definition of what constitutes “complementary and unconventional medicine”.
We encourage you to read the full paper. There are a number of complex discussion points needed in the consultation paper, only one of them being agreements on this definition. ACNEM does not consider the use of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements to be a practice of complementary and alternative medicine. The science of nutrition and biochemical modification with diet and nutrients is firmly grounded in science, and cannot be categorised together with energy therapies and Reiki, as just one example of flaws in this paper.
We have no shortage of NEM research to support that position. (Environmental medicine is not mentioned in this consultation paper). The WHO and many other bodies have observed that the vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases in our community are largely preventable and caused by nutritional, environmental and lifestyle issues. ACNEM have provided evidenced based training in those nutritional and environmental issues for over 35 years.
Over the past 2 weeks, Dr. Christabelle Yeoh and I have been part of several meetings with the stakeholders who are involved, including AIMA and theRACGP Specific Interests Integrative Medicine Group. There is much work to be done to clarify with the Medical Board on their various proposals and suppositions in the attached consultation paper.
The Medical board is inviting submissions before close of business on 12 April. Essentially the main responses to this which can occur are:

  • You, as a health practitioner, make an individual submission
  • ACNEM will make a submission on behalf of the members

Inform your community of the opportunity to also make their own submissions.