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NOURISH NOT NEGLECT TALKING POINT Putting health on our nation’s table


posted by Research Admin 1 on 7 March 2019

This discussion document is produced by the Dietitians Asociation of Australia, February, 2019

"Australia has not updated its National Nutrition Policy in over 26 years. During this time the health of our nation has deteriorated. Over two-thirds (67%) of Australian adults and around 25% of Australian children are now overweight or obese.  The prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults, for which poor diet is the major driver, has increased by 10% over the past 24 years. Even more alarmingly, this figure is expected to increase. Projections suggest that by 2025, 83% of men and 75% of women aged 20 years or older, will have overweight or obesity. It is time for the Australian Government to take charge of the nutritional health of our nation. We can do this by updating the 1992 National Nutrition Policy. This is an essential first step of any National Obesity Strategy and would deliver multiple benefits in terms of health, equity, environmental sustainability and productivity to Australia.

This talking point aims to put food and nutrition on the agenda in Australia and outlines the proactive steps needed to make a new National Nutrition Policy a reality."

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