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CDC Healthy Schools - Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT)


posted by Research Admin 1 on 11 March 2019

The Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT) is a self-assessment and planning guide developed by CDC. It is designed to help school districts and schools conduct clear, complete, and consistent analyses of physical education curricula, based upon national physical education standards.

Specifically, the PECAT

  • Assesses how closely physical education curricula align with national standards for high quality physical education programs
  • Analyzes content and student assessment components of a curriculum that correspond to national standards for physical education for four grade levels: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12
  • Helps school districts or individual schools identify changes needed in locally developed curricula

The results of the PECAT can be used by school districts to enhance existing physical education curricula, develop curricula, or select published curricula that will deliver high quality physical education to students.

The PECAT is now available both in print and an interactive online version. The online version guides you through each step of the process, allowing you to save your responses while working, calculate your module scores automatically, and develop your plan for improvement through a secure, user-friendly system. It also enables you to archive previous versions of the PECAT for future use, and lets you print and share scorecards and results with team members, administrators, and others.

To download PECAT and to find out more, go to: