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Pacific Health Review - Issue 26, 2019

Research Review

posted by Research Admin 1 on 2 May 2019

In this issue (attached below):

  • Ethnic disparities in rates of publicly funded bariatric surgery
    in New Zealand
  • Attrition after acceptance onto a
    publicly funded bariatric surgery
  • Increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes in
    New Zealand children 
  • Ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival in
    New Zealand
  • Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis:
    some reduction in a disease of disparities
  • Burden of atrial fibrillation in Māori
    and Pacific people in New Zealand
  • Multimorbidity in Māori and Pacific
  • Type 2 diabetes in young adults in central
  • Patterns of early primary school-based
    literacy interventions among Pacific
  •  Primary prevention of rheumatic fever in the 21st century

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