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Turning the Tide - from Cars to Active Transport


posted by Research Admin 1 on 2 May 2019

"This report considers what it would take to move from an incoming tide of cars to an outgoing tide of cars in New Zealand: the current car tide replaced with the healthier and more sustainable active and shared forms of transport. The document is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all of the measures that would support a shift to active transport. However, it does, set out four priority areas and key actions a group of experts have identified as necessary to stem the tide." 

Mandic S, Jackson A, Lieswyn J, Mindell JS, García Bengoechea E, Spence JC, Wooliscroft B,  Wade-Brown C, Coppell K, Hinckson E. (2019) Turning the Tide - from Cars to Active Transport. Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago

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