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Brain, Biome & Behaviour Change - The first 1,000 days and life long health on 8 October 2019


posted by Research Admin 1 on 10 July 2019

University of Auckland,
School of Population Health,
Tamaki Campus

261 Morrin Road

Auckland 1072

The Healthy Start team are delighted to offer a new one-day seminar for health practitioners: explore the developmental origins of health and disease and learn new skills to empower your patients to make positive behaviour change.
Register now for this exciting one day seminar and learn more about:

• How the path for chronic lifestyle disease is laid down in early life, the first 1,000 days.

• The role of the gut microbiome in life course health. A vast community of bacteria inhabit your gastro-intestinal tract and have a major influence on your metabolism, immunity, mood and more.

• The science of behaviour change to support you in your role as an agent of change.

Healthy Start training brings you a range of renowned speakers and  practitioners from the University of Auckland, to share their expert knowledge on brain, biome and behaviour change.

Register today, seats are strictly limited. If you prefer to be invoiced email us at

To find out more, go to: