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Walk2Work Day on 11 March 2020


posted by Research Admin 1 on 11 July 2019

Wednesday 11 March 2020 is our national day for walking.

Walking is part of every journey. Join us to celebrate the human way of moving on Walk2Work Day 11 March 2020 

Walk2Work is a programme created by Living Streets Aotearoa to encourage people to get out there, leave the car behind and walk to work, or use public transport for part of their journey and walk the rest of the way. The health benefits of walking are commonly known these days but walking to work also saves money, is good for the environment and results in a more productive workforce.

To find out more, go to Living Streets Aotearoa, at: 

Research reported in the British Medical Journal showed that people using public transport had lower body mass indices than those that travel by private transport - more support for the positive health benefits of active and public transport.

You can walk almost anywhere, at any time, in any weather for free. And if it's that bit too far catch a bus or train for your health, and the health of our planet.

It’s easy and starts with one step - walk 1000 metres, about 1300 steps or 12 minutes and you will:

  • Gain energy; tone your legs, bum and tum; use up 74 calories (for a 70kg person); lift your mood; improve balance and coordination

  • Save $3.62 of health benefits, save 0.72 cents of car costs, and avoid 0.2kgs of carbon emissions

  • Reduce disease risk and improve heart health

  • Be able to socialise with friends and community on the way

Walk more by: 

  • leaving the car at home and Walk, Bus or Train

  • walk to the local shops or walk the kids to school

  • use the stairs

  • aim for 30 minutes a day - or 10,000 steps if you’re using a pedometer


Walk2Work Day is New Zealand’s national day to celebrate walking. Living Streets Aotearoa started this annual day in 2009 to promote walking, its health benefits, and its priority position in the sustainable transport hierarchy. We invite you to treat yourself and take your favourite walk on this day. Or join others at your local council event.

Organise an event in your area? Let us know so we can add it to our event page.