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Improving low fruit and vegetable intake in children: Findings from a system dynamics, community group model building study

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin 1 on 2 September 2019


Sarah Gerritsen
Ana Renker-Darby
Sophia Harre
David Rees
Debbie A. Raroa
Michele Eickstaedt
Zaynel Sushil
Kerry Allan
Ann E. Bartos
Wilma Waterlander
Boyd A. Swinburn

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PLOS One, August 15, 2019 [Epub ahead of print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)


This study explores the barriers to children meeting the guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake. Partnering with Healthy Families Waitākere, a Ministry of Health funded prevention initiative, the researchers then workshopped solutions with families from a low SES West Auckland community.

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This is an open access article and can be read in free full text at: