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BEATS Symposium 2020 (Otago University, Dunedin) on 18 February 2020


posted by Research Admin 1 on 3 September 2019

Updated information about the Beats Symposium

Tuesday, 18 February 2020, 10 am to 4 pm
School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences
55 Union St West, Seminar Room 213/214
Dunedin, New Zealand

The event will offer symposium delegates the opportunity to hear about the latest research findings from the BEATS Study and other prominent national and international studies from experts in the areas of:

  • Exercise science
  • Behavioural medicine
  • Public health
  • Health promotion
  • Transport
  • Biostatistics
  • Geography
  • Geographic information science
  • Education


This symposium celebrates the strength, community capital and scientific progress that is made through interdisciplinary and multisector BEATS Research collaborations, with a shared goal to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders through the sharing of findings, group discussion and the generation of innovative projects. For this reason we are welcoming representatives from education, health, transport, environment and sustainability sectors as well as members of our community to join us for this event.

Event Information

The BEATS Symposium poster is attached below. 

The programme is available online:

For more information about this exciting event visit the BEATS Research website:

The BEATS Symposium is a FREE community event and spaces are limited so register today to secure your place here or by email Please note, registration is mandatory for catering purposes.

Invited speakers:

  • Professor John Spence (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  • Associate Professor Melody Oliver (University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Assistant Professor Ricardo Brandão de Oliveira (Rio de Janeiro State University, Rio de Jaiero, Brazil)

BEATS Symposia have been used as one of many avenues to communicate the BEATS Research findings to the wider community and to engage with our stakeholders. Findings shared at this symposium will be relevant to academia, government, public health, urban design, the transportation and environment sectors.

Symposium proceedings will be available online in February 2020.

At the BEATS Symposium 2020, Professor Richard Blaikie (Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Enterprise, University of Otago) will present the University of Otago Research Group Award 2019 to the BEATS Research Team.

Registration is free but mandatory. Go to:

The BEATS Research Team looks forward to welcoming you to this symposium and sharing findings from an exciting 7-year research journey to date!

Come along, gain new insights, get inspired and meet new (and old) friends!

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