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Healthy Ageing Summit - Fitness, Recreation, Wellness (Brisbane) on 27–29 March 2020


posted by Research Admin 1 on 4 September 2019

For the first time in Australia, The Healthy Ageing Summit brings together world renowned educators to specifically address the explosive growth of the active ageing demographic. Learn from the best as they share their expertise in positive mindset, marketing and social media for client retention, the latest research findings on specific types of training and programming, personalised health and nutritional guidelines and understanding how to work with clients affected by chronic disease conditions.

Network with like minded professionals who share your passion in active ageing and see the latest products and services in the Summit Expo. 

The Healthy Ageing Summit is being held at the Brisbane Technology Park Conference Centre from 27th to 29th March 2020.

Bookings are open now with special early bird rates.

For event information, go to:

To be held in Brisbane in March next year, a new event, the Healthy Ageing Summit, will bring together world renowned stakeholders and educators to specifically address issues related to the fast-growing active ageing demographic.

The Summit will be the first event of its kind to consider healthy lifestyles for the over 45s and addresses the why and how of dealing with chronic health conditions facing this population.

The Summit has been created by Healthy Ageing Institute founders Ken and Karen Baldwin, who have over 60 years combined experience in all areas of the health and fitness industry as well as running the successful fitness products and education company Perform Better Australia.

Capitalising on Ken Baldwin’s recent induction into the Fitness Australia industry Role of Honour for being a ‘game changer’ as well as becoming an international authority in the area of active ageing, the Healthy Ageing Institute was formed to create a platform of education and programming, helping to sustain healthy futures for the growing number of over 45’s who are looking to improve their quality of life in all areas.

Baldwin explains “for the first time in history, the over 45s are the largest age demographic on the planet with an increased growth of 34% compared to just 12% for every other.

“Over 80% of the world’s wealth is controlled by this age group and they have a growing desire to spend money on fulfilling their wants and needs as they age.

“This market is highly under serviced and people are looking for answers, but don’t know where to go.”

Ken and Karen Baldwin have spent the last 20 years working with this demographic, and now, having become part of it, have found through their experience that this area is not being serviced.

Aware that the health system is not prepared for the demands of this demographic, the Summit aims to provide answers but don’t know where to go, with Ken Baldwin advising “if we don’t start addressing the problem now, we will all be paying for it later with no solutions and an already broken health system buckling under the strain.”

Using their expertise and connections internationally, Ken and Karen Baldwin went about creating an event where they could bring together a team of global experts to create a knowledgeable health and fitness community to sustain longevity through education and programming.

Issues backing the creation of the Healthy Ageing Summit:

• 48% of Australians in this demographic are suffering from at least one chronic disease
• More than 80% of the fitness industry focus on the under 40 demographic chasing looks and size
• Over 20% burnout rates for trainers after only two years because they don’t know how to deal with the ageing population
• The need to provide a platform to address business opportunities through education on programming, marketing and how to service this market and create a successful business model with loyal clients 

The Summit also aims to bring together industry leaders who are already serving this market and want to showcase their products and services, which it will do through a two day exhibitors.

Ken Baldwin adds “the demand for servicing this market is already there and waiting to be developed and is continuing to grow

“The interest has been overwhelming with so many businesses and industry leaders loving the concept and wanting to be a part of the inaugural event.

“I think the key to the success is being able to connect with so many passionate individuals whose only goal is to see our great industry grow and really be a solution to the health issues and problems we are facing in the future, being less movement, restricted environments, higher chronic disease rates and lack of education to address it.

“So for the first time in the one place, people can be educated, inspired, grow a sustainable business in a rapid growth area and be surrounded by like-minded people creating solutions for longevity and quality of life.”