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Ranked Importance of Childhood Obesity Determinants: Parents’ Views across Ethnicities in New Zealand

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin 1 on 9 September 2019


Marewa Glover
S. Wong
Jacinta Fa’alili-Fidow
José G.B. Derraik
Rachael W. Taylor
Susan M. Morton
El-Shadan Tautolo
Wayne S. Cutfield

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Nutrients 2019, 11(9), 2145

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Journal article


This qualitative research explored parental perceptions of the factors influencing obesity in children. Key determinants associated with barriers to healthy eating included the cost of healthy foods and the ease of access to takeaways. These were followed by competitive interests inhibiting physical activity (e.g. screen time). The results of this study are intended to inform initiatives to address childhood obesity, by better supporting parents and caregivers as key influencers.

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