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Chef on Tour: The Latvian food entrepreneurs combining innovation with tradition

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posted by Research Admin 1 on 23 September 2019

EIT - Food Blog, 19 September, 2019

This series of blogs by EIT Food, Chef on Tour, features Josh Harte. 

About The Author: Josh Harte

Josh Harte explores his passion for food sustainability and innovation as he tours Europe on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ World Tour as a chef for the production crew. In between cooking he meets local food heroes working towards a more sustainable food future. Want to know more about Josh? Check out our exclusive interview where Josh explains his passion for food and sustainability and how EIT Food is helping him promote his food mission.

Riga Edition: For this edition of the Chef on Tour series Josh is in Riga, exploring Europe’s largest bazaar with Latvia’s inspiring food entrepreneurs involved in everything from cheese, to beer, to cooking in the great outdoors. Go to: