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Lettuce Celebrate this November!

Nutrition Tip

posted by Research Admin 1 on 15 November 2019

Vegetables NZ, November 2019

Lettuce entertain, lettuce eat, lettuce celebrate, whatever way you look, there’s a lettuce for every culinary occasion. Lettuces are so popular and so versatile. They offer endless ways to be enjoyed this spring. From the star salad, in sandwiches or rolls, used as ‘wraps’ or ‘boats’, the popular Caesar salad to a crunchy burger companion – each variety provides something a little different to the next.
‘Head’ lettuces, such as Iceberg, have a full heart, with a firm, tightly packed head, a central core and crisp outer leaves. The more leafy lettuces, including Buttercrunch, tend to have smaller hearts, while others maybe ‘heartless’, generally softer in texture and picked as individual leaves.
We have a bunch of awesome tools to help you get the best from your lettuce this spring:

  • Watch how to make Vegetable and bean burgers
  • Find our favourite Lettuce Recipes below or search for all recipes using lettuce.
  • Learn about Growing Leafy Greens in New Zealand in the video below.
  • Download our Seasonal Availability Leaflet (below) so you know when vegetables are most abundant.
  • For more info including storage, availability and nutrition check out the lettuce page A-Z at

As always, make sure you are getting your daily dose of deliciousness by consuming plenty of New Zealand grown vegetables every day.