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FREE BNF WEBINAR: Fats Forward - exploring the use of fats in our foods, today and beyond on 23 January 2020


posted by Research Admin 1 on 8 January 2020

Fats forward – exploring the use of fats in our foods, today and beyond
1-2 pm

23rd January 2020

A report published by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on the role of saturated fats in health concluded there's no need to change current advice; we should be following dietary patterns that are lower in saturated fats, and opting for foods that have a higher proportion of  unsaturated fats.

Food manufacturers, suppliers and caterers have a particular responsibility in helping people to do this, but how can they lower saturated fats within the food chain, and what implications may this have for health?

BNF is delighted to welcome nutrition experts to discuss our fat intake, what fats are in our foods, why they are there, how much do we eat and their effects on our health.

Professor Julie Lovegrove (University of Reading), Dr Sarah Berry and Dr Wendy Hall (Kings College London) will explore fats in our food today and future directions.


Programme subject to change

Fat still an important issue - SACN, saturated fats and health
Prof Julie Lovegrove, Hugh Sinclair Professor of Human Nutrition, University of Reading

Fat; taste, texture, stability and health – can we have it all?
Dr Sarah Berry, Senior Lecturer, Kings College London

Exploring dietary fat intake in the UK
Dr Wendy Hall, Reader in Nutritional Sciences, Kings College London

Fats in the food supply: Reflections of a technologist
Jo Bruce, Research and Development Manager, ADM Speciality Oils & Fats

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