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Huffy puffy cardio – get it pumping

Nutrition Tip

posted by Research Admin 1 on 14 February 2020

Diabetes New Zealand, February 2020

Great cardiovascular activity comes in all forms and there’s something  for everyone at whatever level you are at.  Diabetes Magazine columnist Craig Wise has these tips:

It can be an organised event such as ballroom dancing at the local hall or informal like chasing your children round the park and kicking a ball.

If you like running then run, if you don’t then  don’t. (It’s that simple)

Often it’s not about finding the activity you love to do, most likely it’s about finding the one which you dislike the least. You never know you might  discover a new passion.

Cardiovascular activity is about getting your heart rate up and so even those household chores can count towards your weekly activity minutes. Just as long as you’re getting some physical activity for 30 minutes a day, so you’re huffing and puffing but can still chat to friends while you’re working out.

Here are 50 activities/past-times and sports that you might like to explore to add some activity to your life. There are also a bit more explanation of some of the most popular.

Have a go – that’s what its all about. At least try number 20 … I bet you have forgotten how much fun it is.


1. Vacuuming

2. Scrubbing floors

3. Cleaning the bathtub

4. Washing windows

5. Mopping

6. Changing sheets

7. Painting

8. Heavy renovations (pulling carpet, knocking down  walls, etc.)

9. Moving furniture

10. Gardening

11. Cleaning the gutters

12. Washing the car

13. Mowing the lawn with  a push mower

14. Shoveling snow 15. Sweeping the patio and paths

16. Cleaning out the garage

17. Heavy landscaping such as planting trees, shrubs and bushes


18. Playing with  your children

19. Walking the dog / playing with the dog

20. Hula hooping

21. Skipping / jumping rope

22. Trampoline jumping (rebounding)


23. Cycling 24. Hiking / walking  bush tracks

25. Skiing 26. Water skiing

27. Wakeboarding

28. Rock climbing

29. Running / jogging

30. Brisk walking

31. Rollerblading

32. Paddling a canoe

33. Nordic walking

34. Surfing

35. Paddle boarding

36. Skateboarding

37. Ice skating


38. Aerobics

39. Zumba

40. Yoga (Ashtanga  and/or Vinyasa)

41. Dance lessons

42. Aqua aerobics


43. Tennis

44. Football

45. Hockey

46. Basketball

47. Netball

48. Rugby

49. Boxing

50. Martial arts