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Understanding misinformation – a practical guide


posted by Research Admin 1 on 17 March 2020

ANA Newsletter, March 2020



ANA believes we all have a role to play ensuring those living in Aotearoa receive evidence-based nutrition information. ANA prides itself on providing robust evidenced-based nutrition facts.

'Everybody eats, therefore, we all have a view on food. It is the research-based evidence nutrition we need to be spreading rather than anecdotal information promoted by a celebrity without respected nutrition qualifications.' says Alison Pask, Executive Director at ANA. 

This short, practical guide explains how to spot false, inaccurate or misleading claims and what to do if you do spot it.

Health Writer Hub, March 2020

Misleading health content is harmful to public health, confuses people, spreads misinformation and has potential legal issues. So, what can you do if you spot misinformation online - and how can you ensure you're not the one spreading it in the first place?

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