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BEATS-2 Study: Data collection begins in Dunedin secondary schools

News Item

posted by Research Admin 1 on 18 May 2020

Otago University, BEATS Newsletter, Issue 16 May 2020

Data collection started in March this year with the first two Dunedin secondary schools participating in BEATS-2 data collection visits in Term One. With our BEATS team trained and ready to go, we delivered six data collection sessions over a two week period thanks to the organisation of the principals and teachers of the participating schools.

In March 2020, 130 students completed an online survey before the lockdown. A number of those students also completing a mapping activity drawing the routes they take regularly to and from school and marking safe or unsafe areas along the way. The collected survey data from two schools are now being analysed. The findings collated into comprehensive technical reports will be presented to each of those schools later this year.

Ten out of the 12 Dunedin secondary schools have agreed to participate in the BEATS-2 Study in 2020 which is largely attributed to the strong relationship our BEATS research team has with the schools, through our advisory board members: Gavin Kidd (current director of the Dunedin Secondary School Partnership) and the former director Gordon Wilson, who remains an active member of the BEATS Advisory Board. Delivery of the BEATS-2 Study data collection will be different for each participating school to meet the needs of their schools schedule, learning environment, online access and preferred recruitment methods.

BEATS-2 Study plan in response to COVID-19 and future proofing

The BEATS Research Team have had the opportunity to consider and discuss the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown in New Zealand on the BEATS-2 Study. The collective agreement has been made to postpone data collection in schools until the start of their next school year in February 2021. This decision has been made for scientific, practical, and ethical reasons. The BEATS team will remain in close contact with the Dunedin secondary schools and the Dunedin Secondary Schools’ Partnership over the coming months. BEATS-2 Study planning for 2021 data collection dates will begin in July this year in consultation with the school principals and staff.