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Translating hunger training research to primary health: a qualitative study of nurse attitudes towards a novel weight management intervention

NZ Research Abstract

posted by Research Admin 1 on 19 May 2020


Jennifer T. Gale
Aimee L. Ward
Willemijn E. de Bruin
Rachael W. Taylor
Michelle R. Jospe

Year of Publication



Journal of Primary Health Care 12(1) 79-87, 24 February 2020

Publication Type

Journal article


Although this is a small-scale qualitative project, it is important, in that it explores Practice nurses' comfort with and confidence in delivering 'hunger training' in primary care settings. Practice nurses are pivotal to the delivery of weight management information, so it is vital that they are engaged with the interventional practices that they are required to promote to their patients. With minor modifications, the nurses involved in this research were positive about 'hunger training' as an effective intervention.

Type of Study

Qualitative, Evaluation

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